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Prophetic Company 2023

Welcome to the Prophetic Company of Liberty Temple Full Gospel Church and World Outreach Ministry of Chicago.

This is the home of the 2023 Prophetic Company training sessions.

Prophetic Assessment


Bless you for your desire to grow in the prophetic.  The Senior Prophets are sensitive to those participating, which is why we’ve presented a few different options to cover the cost of the sessions.

You can pay all at once, half now and half later or you can pay for each individual session.

PLEASE NOTE: The Prophetic Workshop guide is required for all participants



Prophetic Company April 2023 – with Prophet Dwight Taylor

Download the PDF of Today’s Lesson – CLICK HERE

Prophetic Company March 2023 – with Prophetess Doris Dickey


Prophetic Company

Prophetic Book



Prophetic Company 2022 – Week 8

Prophetic Company 2022 – Week 7

Prophetic Company 2022 – Week 5

Prophetic Company 2022 – Week 4

Prophetic Company 2022 – Week 3

CLICK HERE to download 3 Keys to your NEXT LEVEL in the Kingdom of God

Prophetic Company 2022 – Week 2

Prophetic Company 2022 – Introduction

Resources/Books Required for All Groups:

  • The Holy Bible
    • We recommend the King James Version and whatever other translations you prefer
  • The Prophetic Workbook by Apostle Sheraine Lathon
  • The Strong’s  Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible
  • An Unabridged Dictionary
  • Recommended Mobile Bible Apps
    • YouVersion – (FREE) Multiple translations of the Bible
    • Bible Concordance – Strong’s – (FREE)
      • Be sure the app creator is
        • The Holy Bible App and Bible Resource Company

Prophetic Groups

The Elisha Group (Prophet Dwight Taylor & Prophetess Phalese Binion)

The primary objective of the Elisha tier is to establish a biblical foundation for the Office of the Prophet and the Gift of Prophecy by examining some of the named and unnamed Prophets in the bible.  They will understand the Prophets in the bible did not have the same measure of grace but, they were all equally important.

Topics will include:

  • Learn how to study the bible
  • Learning what God says about the Office of the Prophet and the Gift of Prophecy
  • Learn about the major, minor and unnamed Prophets in the bible
  • Learn the difference between a Word of Knowledge, Wisdom and Prophecy
  • Learn how to hear God’s voice
  • Learn how and when to release the Word of the Lord to a person or to the public
  • Learn which Prophet in the bible you have the most in common with

Group Specific Resource(s):

  • User Friendly Prophecy by Larry J. Randolph


The Jeremiah Group (Prophet Doris Dickey & Prophet Nadine Willis)

The primary objective of the Jeremiah tier is to embark upon a journey understanding the heart of god and the voice of god.  as we experience the acts of god threw the prophetic insights of the word of wisdom and word of knowledge

Topics will include:

  • Operating at the prophetic level of your grace and faith
  • Developing the 4 sources of receiving information
  • Similitudes of dreams and visions
  • Developing the characteristics of a prophetic community
  • Developing a heart of humility to receive God’s correction

Group Specific Resource(s):

  • The Prophet’s Dictionary by Paula A. Price Ph.D.
  • Increasing Your Prophetic Gifts by Bill Vincent


The Daniel Group (Prophet Waverly Guyton & Prophet Todd Armour)

The primary objective of the Daniel tier is to help them identify their purpose and assignment in the prophetic realm. by sharpening their prophetic giftings and helping them to navigate there prophetic journeys with discipline, discernment, and a higher level of sensitivity to God’s voice.

Topics will include:

  • The Law of Entering and Exiting
  • The 7 Realms of Spiritual Warfare
  • The 10 Prophetic Realms
  • Seeing Correctly in the Spirit Realm
  • God’s use of the Prophetic Faculties

Group Specific Resource(s):

  • The Prophet’s Dictionary by Paula A. Price Ph.D.
  • The Prophet’s Handbook by Paula A. Price Ph.D.


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Every 3rd Sunday In-person Training
(there are a few days that aren’t 3rd Sunday)

Mar 19, 2023
Apr 16, 2023
May 21, 2023
Jun 25, 2023
Jul 16, 2023
Aug 20, 2023
Sep 17, 2023
Oct 15, 2023
Nov 19, 2023

Every 4th Saturday Saturday Bible Study with a Senior Prophet
(there are a few days that aren’t 4th Saturday)

Mar 25, 2023
Apr 22, 2023
May 27, 2023
Jun 24, 2023
Jul 22, 2023
Aug 26, 2023
Sep 30, 2023
Oct 28, 2023
Nov 18, 2023